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Historia de la Computación -
El hombre primitivo y su contabilidad independiente. Las primeras máquinas de calcular. El Abaco. John Napier inventor de los logarítmos. Blaisel Pascal.

Henry Markram: A brain in a supercomputer | TED Talk |
Henry Markram is director of Blue Brain, a supercomputing project that can model components of the mammalian brain to precise cellular detail ? and simulate their ...

IBM Research: Neurosynaptic chips
Learn about neurosynaptic chips - created under SyNAPSE - and how crucial they are in cognitive systems needed to process Big Data.

Wreck-It Ralph | Official Site | Disney Movies
Visit the official website for Wreck-It Ralph to watch videos, meet the characters, play games, find activities, browse photos, and buy the movie.

New Artificial Intelligence Beats Tactical Experts in ...
Retired United States Air Force Colonel Gene Lee, in a flight simulator, takes part in simulated air combat versus artificial intelligence technology developed by a ...


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